Gas Appliances

Gas appliances make everybody’s lives more comfortable. Kitchen gas appliances, tankless water heaters, and  laundry appliances can be cost effective & efficient in a time of uncertain electricity rates. ALL Mechanical can consult with you on installation of your kitchen, tankless water heaters, and  laundry appliances.

Natural gas is the best and most efficient choice for fuel for appliances in our home. Whether its water heaters, dryers or cooking appliances, ALL Mechanical can help with the installation of natural gas appliances. We can consult with you about connecting natural gas lines within your home making it easy to add appliances ranges, cook tops, dryers or water heaters. Natural gas is the right fuel for many reasons.

With natural gas, you’ll never run out of fuel. Underground pipelines mean there is no disruption of supply due to storms or power outages. Unlike other heat sources that leave ashes and odours, natural gas will never leave a mess. And you’ll love the convenience natural gas adds to your home – from instant, cozy heat, to precision cooking, and nice, long showers without running out of hot water.

Natural gas can do more than heat your home. It can be used for water heating, clothes drying, cooking, and mood-setting fireplaces. It can also be used outdoors for barbecuing, gas lighting, and even to heat your swimming pool or hot tub.

Natural gas can save you money. Visit the appliance section to view cost comparison. Natural Gas is still your best energy buy.

Natural gas is one of the world’s safest sources of energy used by over 15 million Canadians to heat their homes and businesses.

Consistent, Reliable Supply
Natural gas comes from pipelines underground. It’s always there when you need it and you never have to worry about running out of fuel, or arranging for deliveries. Many natural gas appliances will operate during a power outage so you can still stay warm, have hot water and eat well when the power is out.

Future Possibilities
Once your home is connected to natural gas, it’s easy to convert appliances or add additional gas products later on. Natural gas is the best energy alternative for days of uncertain electricity prices.

Abundant Domestic Production
There is a secure reliable supply of natural gas in Canada.

Easier, More Affordable Maintenance9.
Clean burning natural gas heating equipment means less maintenance and repairs over the years.

Increased Resale Value of Your Home
Adding natural gas heating, a fireplace and other appliances to your home, farm or cottage will pay dividends down the road when you decide it’s time to sell your property.